How to write an essay on a quote

How to write an essay on a quote

An essay is a text in which the author deals with a literary or scientific topic. In this case, a specific issue is considered briefly, but is complicated and subjectively reflected. The essay describes less new facts, but already known results are highlighted from a different point of view. However, the essay is not intended to convince the reader of a particular opinion, but to give new food for thought on a particular topic.

Begin the process of writing an essay with the proper preparation for this. For example, if you are interested in how to write an essay on a quote, you should find out the source of the quote and the author. That is, before you write your essay, you should be aware of the topic. For example, the most important keywords and their relationship with each other can be clarified on a mind map. When you have gathered enough information, you should make a sketch for your essay. This plan will help you structure your arguments, and you can navigate while writing. For example, you can write a topic of your essay in the center of a sheet of paper, and then write alongside the questions you would like to ask in order to reveal the topic.

After writing the scheme, you can start writing an essay. In the introduction to your essay, you must justify the choice of your topic and make the introduction particularly attractive. The reader should motivate you to become familiar with your essay. For example, you might be interested in the reader with current findings or an anecdote on the topic. Write the topic of your essay and try to make the reader interested in this topic.

The second important part of the introduction is the thesis. You make a statement that you justify in your essay. Make sure that you always refer to this main thesis in your essay. There is a so-called “general theme” in your essay, because the reader must have a clear intellectual structure, and sometimes it’s not so easy to find a meaningful thesis, so take your time and think about it. There must be a good reason for this thesis.

In the main part of your essay, you give arguments that justify your thesis. Subjectively, you can defend your position and refute other points of view. The best way to do this is to substantiate your own opinion and reinforce your arguments with examples. In order not to lose the reference to the thesis, you are guided by the structure you have previously created.

In each paragraph, you consider the argument. The so-called thematic sentence introduces a paragraph and delimits it thematically. It is, so to speak, a thesis for each paragraph. The subject of the sentence is followed by facts and examples that confirm your point of view. Here is how you continue in each paragraph.

The conclusion is also an equally important part, because here you complete all the work you have done.

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