Do You Need Guidelines on How to Conclude an Argument Essay? Check This Out!

By | November 16, 2020

The Structure of an Argument Essay

As the name suggests, this is the second type of an essay in which you provide some arguments to support your arguments. In some cases, one may conclude an essay by providing an end. Even though they are the same kind of essay, it is the type that you will never encounter in college. Before doing so, one must be able to draft an argument essay. You may ask, are you wrong if you say that you cannot do that? Well, consider this. Often, you will get challenges in your essay paper because of some inconveniences that people face every day. A small issue like having a wrong structure to your essay paper will add to the stress in your entire task.

An argument essay needs an approach that will persuade readers to agree with your ideas. It is also essential to consider that the aim of the paper is to provide an answer to a question posed by your reader. Here, you must provide your opinions based on what you have gathered from research. It is also essential to note that you must follow a proper structure in your writing to make them attractive and convincing.

Some of the structural standards that you need to observe in an argumentative paper include:

  • Introduction – Even though the introduction is the first part of your argumentative essay, you need to note that the purpose of it is not to state a thesis. The thesis statement is part of the body paragraphs of your essay. Here, you state your stand based on what you have collected from research.
  • Body paragraphs – The body paragraphs comprise of three main sections, i.e., the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Each of them has its own topic. Therefore, you have to select the topic from each of the sections to ensure that you do not make a mistake when structuring your argument essay.
  • Conclusion – Concluding your argument essay is a summary of the main body. Do not forget to end each section with a question.

Note that the main aim of any argument essay is to convince your readers to agree with you. Therefore, you must offer answers to the sections where you do not have enough data to support your stance. The fact that you will have to do extensive research on your particular area of study to collect enough information to defend yourself in your essay makes you have to provide factual information in the paper.

All these aspects will enable you to deliver a winning paper that will earn you better scores. Remember, you must also provide citations in the reference list that you follow. If you do not do so, your paper might get challenged in any course grading method.

As a result, any essay paper that you draft must have all the provisions mentioned above. You can apply all the sections to draft the same essay.

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